Rooftop Bars in Benidorm – authentic pleasure for tourists & locals!

The high sky terraces in the skyscraper city like Benidorm, are a highly valued experience, where to have some drinks and enjoy the skyline with music sounds wrapping you around.

Benidorm is a tall city, how spanish love to say. Not only because of the numerous skyscrapers surrounding us everywhere we go, but also, because of all the options to have a drink or snack, there are quite a few, that bring you closer to the sky! The ¨rooftops¨ became very popular during the last couple of years, not only in the biggest cities, but also here, in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, right by the gorgeous Mediterranean sea.

Situated mostly in hotels, sitting down with your favorite drink, with the skyline in front of you and the sea in the horizon, is priceless. Especially during busy summer season, having a placeto escape to, away from the crouds, enjoying the gorgeous sunset, is a great alternative. The Old Town of Benidorm, Levante Beach or city center, are the main locations of these Hotels, and some of them are listed below:

Wide range of different designs, music and entertainment, most popular cocktails and typical spaniish snacks, DJ sessions and parties on specific holidays, a brand new entertainment form, that Benidorm and its visitors have accepted fully and are actively enjoying!

On our official YouTube channel ¨Benidorm by Ana¨ we discover these terraces together, prices, drink & snacks options and of course, gorgeous views. So don´t miss them, by clicking on the desired Rooftop Terrace our YouTube video will open in a new window!

Have you visited one of these terraces already? Share your experience with others!

-Benidorm by Ana-

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