Situated 23 km from Benidorm, this is an authentic city-museum, which has the status of a historical and artistic monument. An amazing place for walking, where an ancient castle rises among the rocks, and below there are valleys with pine trees, vineyards, orange and almond groves, everything is insanely beautiful for the eyes and pleasant for the soul!

From the main viewpoint you can see the light-blue lake. In addition to nature, the town has much more to see: 8 museums of various themes, small local shops with handmade souvenirs and much more.

3km from Guadalest you will discover a nature´s secret: Aunthentic Algar Waterfalls! The aromas of flowers and herbs, the magic of water falling from the mountains, cascades of coolness in the middle of a hot summer. Here you can swim, relax & gain strength and then continue your walk.

Guadalest is a hiker's paradise!


Do you want to get to know the city of your touristic dream better? Then Sightseeing tours are for you! They will give you knowledge about the city, its people, about Spain itself and fill you with unforgettable impressions. To understand all the charm of the area you have chosen, we will climb to the highest viewpoints, from where breathtaking panoramic views of the city and its surroundings are available. Take a glance at the vast blue sea, beautiful beaches and the whole city with its beautiful and unique architecture infront of us.
We will admire the area, take gorgeous photos and then go down to the city, walk around the most famous places, streets and trails. The route will be customized according to your preferences and interests, so that your eyes will shine and your soul will be filled with joy, and at the end of the tour I will say – I want to come back here again!