A big resort town located 20 km from Benidorm, but at the same time calm and ideal for relaxing holidays, everyone finds their favorite place in Calpe. The symbol of Calpe is the Penon de Ifach rock, today it is a popular tourist route, overcoming a difficult path you will find yourself at an altitude of 327m and will be shocked by the panoramic view, because the rock goes into the sea for almost 1km.
Having walked enough, in the evening you can dine in one of the restaurants by the sea, seafood dishes are the freshest here, because they are delivered to restaurants immediately from the local fish market.
Don't forget to visit Las Salinas Lake, a real salt lake, where salt was extracted several hundred years ago, and today you can see colonies of beautiful flamingos!
The old town of Calpe is also full of charming streets, traditional decorations and shops that smell of fresh pastries!
Calpe is a wonderful seaside resort where you will find everything for your holiday!


Do you want to get to know the city of your touristic dream better? Then Sightseeing tours are for you! They will give you knowledge about the city, its people, about Spain itself and fill you with unforgettable impressions. To understand all the charm of the area you have chosen, we will climb to the highest viewpoints, from where breathtaking panoramic views of the city and its surroundings are available. Take a glance at the vast blue sea, beautiful beaches and the whole city with its beautiful and unique architecture infront of us.
We will admire the area, take gorgeous photos and then go down to the city, walk around the most famous places, streets and trails. The route will be customized according to your preferences and interests, so that your eyes will shine and your soul will be filled with joy, and at the end of the tour I will say – I want to come back here again!

Wine Tourism

Spain is famous for wines with its unique flavors and great quality. Wine tourism brings you the opportunity of tasting, consumption or purchase of wine, made in Spain.
What happened to the vine in this region? Are there any wine traditions in the Benidorm area at all? And if there is, then what does it taste like, what is aroma and color, of the wine of the beautiful Costa Blanca region? We will visit local wineries, meet interesting people, buy the best wine from our area and, of course, taste the most famous wines at the winery, enjoying amazing views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. And believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised and delighted.
Most visits to the wineries take place at or near the site where the wine is produced. Visitors typically learn the history of the winery, walk down the vineyard, inmerse into the stories of harvest and discover unusual facts about authentic Spanish wine, see how the wine is made, and then taste several of the wines with a typical cheese/almond/fruit plate.