Altea is without doubt one of the most charming towns to be found in the region of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. The town is just 8 kilometres north of Benidorm, yet the two resorts are worlds apart. Altea is similar to other Costa Blanca towns in that it has a new and an old neighbourhood. A calm and very original city, tourists especially love the embankment and the old town, which is located on a high hill. Steep stairs lead to the hill, but everyone, both older and younger, can climb them.
There are beautiful architectural monuments here, such as the Church of the Blessed Mary of the 17th century, museums, art galleries, in the narrow streets there are souvenir shops and restaurants with local food. Seafood is the freshest here, because the local port. Altea is also considered the city of bohemia, artists and musicians. If you are interested in art, then Altea is your city to discover!


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Discover the traditional old part of Altea, small streets that hide authentic beauty of the village, get to know why this town attracts thousands of...